Transform and improve your ballet technique with Cantienica® body in evolution.


  • Anatomy basics for a better understanding of the interconnection of deepest muscles throughout the body and introduction to principles of CANTIENICA® body in evolution
  • CANTIENICA® exercises for more flexibilty (e.g. in hip joints, shoulders), preparing you for the ballet exercises
  • Ballet exercises on the floor, at the barre and in the center
  • Exercises for healthy feet, to correct foot deformities, bowlegs and knock knees and stabalize hyper flexible feet or legs.


The core of the CANTIENICA® muscle work are the interconnected muscles at the base of the pelvis, arranged in three highly potent layers supporting the torso, taking all weight off the leg joints. From this pelvic powerhouse the spine extends to its full length, vertebrae perfectly aligned, and lets ribcage, shoulders, and head find and keep their anatomically correct position. In CANTIENICA® exercises all movements happen three-dimensionally, which avoids injuries and guarantees ultimate strength - coming from slim, well-stretched muscles, ligaments and fascias.

In the workshop, we will apply the principles of this (r)evolutionary Swiss movement concept and show you how to include those principles into your ballet practice to challenge your technique and your understanding of your body in motion. The goal is to refine one's own perception and awarness of movement in order to dance with more ease and with a lower risk of injury!

Before introducing specific Cantienica® exercises, which will prepare you for the ballet exercises on the floor, at the barre and in the center, you'll learn about some anatomy basics for a better understanding of your own body. Furthermore, selected exercises for your feet will show you how to correct any deformities, bowlegs and knock knees and how to stabilize hyper flexible feet or legs.


...with Victoria Janisch who holds a dance diploma for 7 years at the Opera Ballet School in Vienna and 1 year at the Vienna Conservatory and is certified for CANTIENICA® Level 4 Platin.

...and dance teacher Maïté Margue, who trained two years at Northern Ballet School, graduated from the Université Paris 8 with a BA in Performing Arts - Dance and holds an MA in Professional Practice in Dance Technique Pedagogy from the Middlesex University.

We invite everybody with an interest and love for their body and movement. Professional dancers, dance instructors are just as welcome as hobby dancers and ballet lovers.

Sign up: Email to; If you are a student, please write a short email regarding the discount!

Costs: 105€ (25€ reduction for students showing their student card.)

Location: Body Power and Posture Studio - 19, rue Gabriel-Lippmann, L-5365 Munsbach

(* "Logical vivatomy, vivatomical logic"- that's how Benita Cantieni defines her method.)

DANCE WORKSHOP WITH PAINT | 28 APRIL 2019     10.00-12.00

Paint your dance and dance with colours! A unique dance experience arises when combining dance and painting. In this workshop, you will be given the opportunity to experience your movements through different painting materials. By experimenting with paint, you will be able to follow the traces of your dance and savour a new experience.
Beginners, advanced dancers and parents together with their children are welcome, no previous knowledge in painting or dance is required.

Costs: 50€


Two Upcoming Workshops Until July 

DANCE-DRAWING Special: Sunday 28/04/2019 10.00-12.00

CANTIENICA-DANCE Special: Sunday 28/07/2019 09.30-12.30 

More info coming soon. 


Six Upcoming Workshops Until Spring for non-dancers and dancers where you learn to sense your experience from the inside.

If you are eager to try out something new and meet people, you should come and visit us at the beautiful Body Power and Posture studio in Munsbach, only 10 minutes from Kirchberg.

The classes and workshops are designed to offer a place of calmness and an opportunity to recharge your energy. Moving through space, to music or in silence - alone or together, we stimulate our body awareness and reconnect to our body. We improve flexibility, mobility and stability through simple exercises that are strongly influenced by various somatic practices. No dance experience is required, only the love for movement and the desire to sense your experience from the inside. 

Friday 18/01/2019              19.00-20.30

Saturday 26/01/2019         16.30-18.00

Friday 08/02/2019             19.00-20.30

Saturday 23/02/2019         10.30-12.00

Friday 15/03/2019              19.00-20.30    ! cancelled !

Saturday 30/03/2019         16.30-18.00

Costs: 6 workshops - 150€        1 workshop - 30€

Registration: or


02/12/2018 Dance: An exploration of conscious & playful movement

22/12/2018 Dance: An exploration of conscious & playful movement


14/01/2017 together with Alix Gennen Give your back a treat

11/02/2017 together with Anne Wirth Mover-witness-dance, Improvisatioun zu zwee

11/03/2017 together with Eva Blümm Tanzmalerei

01/04/2017 Floorwork

07/05/2017 together with Alix Gennen Summer Workout

25/06/2017 together with Anne Wirth Danzmolerei

16/12/2017 Moving Consciously through Space