Contemporary Dance Class

"To dance is to investigate and celebrate the experience of being alive." - Crystal Pite

Dance: An exploration of conscious & playful movement.

Each class will start with floor work to gently improve flexibility, mobility and stability. The aim is to experience the body from within and to search for specific sensations in order to move with ease and fluidity. For that reason, exercises are designed to stimulate our body awareness and refine movement. We will slowly increase the range of movement allowing to let go and to enjoy dance.

To meet the needs of each individual, classes are limited to 8 participants. Non-dancers and dancers of all ages and levels are welcomed. This way, we hope to create space for creativity where exchange is facilitated and movement is shared.

We offer one morning class on Fridays from 08.30 to 09.45. There will be 8 classes









Costs: 8 classes - 160€ / 1 class - 25€

The Studio: Body Power and Posture - 19, Rue Gabriel Lippmann L-5365 Munsbach

Registration: To sign up email Victoria Janisch 

Private Class - Floor Barre 

Please contact me to schedule a private class. 

Floor Barre: This is a class on the floor, adapted to meet the needs of each individual. Focusing on body awareness, the aim of those private sessions are to improve flexibility, mobility and stability. Each exercise allows to better understand your body and develop good posture, prevent injuries or soothe pain. Floor barre can be beneficial for non-dancers, beginners and advanced dancers of each age. Individual or group classes can be booked. Please contact me for more details and to schedule a class.